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What can we do?

There are many ‘actors’ involved in the negotiations and many of the current protections we have are the responsibility of parliament. Much of our work may be lobbying constituency MPs in the UK, particularly of your last place of residence in the UK (which is why we need the broadest range of people possible); building a circulation network to push petition signups with similar networks in other countries; and publicity actions.

We could also lend our resource to other campaigns and efforts e.g. the ‘Right To Stay’ campaign recently launched in the UK; or pushing German parties to adopt ‘fast track to citizenship’ for Brits in Germany as advocated by the SPD and Die Grunen.

I’m not sure what I have to contribute, should I get involved?

Of course you should! Your experiences alone are valuable in our lobbying messages and in encouraging other Brits in Berlin to join. Aside from that we’ll need designers, videographers, photographers, people with kellars, website people, confident speakers, bilingual speakers and all sorts to maximise our impact.

I can’t dedicate much, if any time, to a project like…

No problem at all! Even if you can’t attend events, your support through name and perhaps social reach if you are willing, is vital in getting ourselves heard. Give as little or as much as you can.